Arroz Doce, Brazil

Arroz doce_sate

In my two-person, Finnish-Brazilian household, we are trying to bring our cultures closer together by cooking and learning each other’s languages. In practice, this means that more than once we have had rabanada, a Brazilian Christmas treat, for breakfast, and enjoyed it while trying to get through the Finnish system of declension – which is no feast I can assure you. I do my linguistic part by watching Brazilian films, and reminiscing my French, Latin and Spanish lessons – finally growing up as a nerd is paying off!

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Ruoka ja juoma

Terra Madre, 13a Bachelors Walk, Dublin 1


Bachelors Walk on Liffeyjoen äärellä kulkeva katu, jonka näkymää hallitsevat hiljaa lipuvan joen lisäksi hento Ha’Penny Bridge ja sateenvarjojen paraati. Romanttisen nimen omaava katu ei kuitenkaan ole nimetty naimattomien herrasmiesten vaan “erään kauan sitten kuolleen kapitalistin, Batchelorin, mukaan”. Kadunnimen epäromanttisesta syntyperästä huolimatta Bachelors Walkilla sijaitsee yksi Dublinin romanttisimmista kellariravintoloista, Terra Madre.
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Irlanti, Matkat

Grianán Ailigh, Donegal



Irlantia ei turhaan pidetä tarinankertojien saarena. Sen karuista maisemista löytyy yhä paikkoja, joiden asettamiin kysymiksiin historiankirjat eivät anna varmaa vastausta. Ja sille, mitä faktatieto ei pysty kertomaan, löytyy usen korvike ihmisten mielikuvituksesta.

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Rabanada, Brazil


It had been quite a while since my last breakfast extravaganza, so the result was doubly enjoyable when, by accident, I happened to prepare a delicatessen that was enjoyed by the ancient Romans.

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Ireland, Travels

Glenveagh National Park, Ireland, Donegal


Remote, deserted, ragged and rusty brown scenery appeals to me journey after journey. The crags up at the Scottish Highlands, the edges of Karoo in South Africa, Donegal’s boglands. The emptiness of the scenery forces our minds to give it signifigance and it doesn’t offer readymade meanings. Questions are left unanswered, but they quiet down little by little, until all that is left are the wind and the premonition of the approaching rain – an image of something primitive, unattainable in the city.
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