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Boutique B&B Kamer01, Amsterdam

Rain starts to rattle against the rooftop when I climb up the wooden stairs of my home for the night in Amsterdam. Outside, the Amsterdammers cycle a little bit faster than normally to make it home before the heavy rain. The lights of the street-level restaurants and shops reflect against the wet asphalt. A few blocks away, a tram announces its arrival with a bell.

I am in the core of cosy Amsterdam, indulging myself in Kamer01.

Boutique B&B Kamer01 is located in the Unesco World Heritage canal district, in a corkily lopsided house, in between other lopsided, colourful houses. The building dates from 1585, and it was one of the first houses built in this new, western belt of Amsterdam’s canals. The area is like from a cute cartoon, unrealistically beautiful. And judging from outside, it is no wonder that the boutique B&B has been acknowledged in many publications and awarded in TripAdvisor as the best B&B in Amsterdam for five years in a row.

I wouldn’t mind having this kind of a work nook for a longer period of time!

There are three rooms in Kamer01: the ground floor green suite, middle floor red and romantic one, and then the top floor blue room. I leave my heavy suitcase downstairs, as it would be impossible to drag it up along the narrow and steep staircase. They have warned me on the hotel’s homepage, but I had no idea how Amsterdam’s staircases can really be!

I am staying in the highest room at the top. This is a stylish blue room with modern elements mixing with historic ones, such as the 18th-century beams on the ceiling. In the lounge area, I find a Le Corbusier sofa. A marble bathroom dominated by cool shades of grey is an aesthetic experience in itself. The sink is full glass, as is the wall with sliding doors separating the bathroom from the rest of the room. A perfect workspace has a view to the famous Amsterdam canal, Singel. Later I hear from our host Peter, that fresh flowers are bought into the rooms every day from the famous Bloenmarkt’s flower stalls just down the road.

The view to the historic canals is astonishing.

Peter’s career in design shows in many features of the house: here is an example of the glass wall dividing the bathroom area from the rest of the blue room. Beams from the 18th-century crown the room.

The doorbell rings again two wine glasses in Kamer01.

You will find new and old details in Kamer01’s interior design.

You’ll see a touch of inventive interior designer everywhere in Kamer01. The B&B is, in fact, a realisation of two men’s, Walter and Peter, life careers: Walter comes from hospitality industry, Peter from the world of design. The gentlemen are also avid world travellers, which shows in the comfortability of my stay: travellers recognise other travellers needs.

The first course of Kamer01’s breakfast: fruits are served!

The third course included a Dutch meat, fish and cheese platter and croissants, breads and pastries.

This manifests itself perfectly in the breakfast. Breakfast is, as always, a luxurious moment for any on the road, but in Kamer01 the notion of luxury is uplifted into completely new dimensions. In the morning, as soon as I step out of my room, I smell the fresh breads and pastries. On the big communal breakfast table, there is a selection of sculpted fruits under a glass dome.

The four-course breakfast (with champagne!), and Peter and Walter’s dedication to the B&B lift the bar high for any in the hospitality industry. In Kamer01 you have the feeling that the hosts want to offer their guests what they themselves would be expecting when staying in a hotel: only the best.

Kamer01 is located in the heart of charming and historic Amsterdam.

P.S. I wish to thank Boutique B&B Kamer01 for the stay and the impeccable hospitality! This post continues my series on “stylish stays” in Europe – alongside my exploration on historic hotels. Enjoy your day in Amsterdam and Kamer01!

Hotel info

Boutique B&B Kamer01

Rooms starting from 228€

Kamer01 homepage (Kamer01’s homepage is one of the cutest ones I’ve seen, take a look!)

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