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Apartment040, Hamburg

My most loyal readers have by now observed my interest in historic hotels and buildings. This is why, a few weeks ago in Hamburg, I was particularly delighted to receive an invitation to spend a night in a former telecommunication office.

Apartment040 is a 4-star hotel with 77 stylishly and efficiently furnished apartments. Each apartment has a kitchenette and the necessary pots and pans, and outside there is also parking for the customers. I read from Tripadvisor that during the busy summer season, it is advisable to book a parking lot in advance if you are travelling by a car. Downstairs, you will find a little lounge area and laundry facilities. This is one reason why Apartment040 is favoured by, apart from the occasional travellers like me, business travellers and long-term residents, too.

Apartment040’s handsome red brick building was built in 1926, and renovated between 2013 and 2014: the facade represents the famous Hamburg style you will also see in the more touristy  parts of the city. 

A street view from a single room.

The decor in Apartment040 is simple and homey.

The reception is located downstairs, where you can take the elevator to the apartments and laundry facilities. Along the long corridors, there are apartments varying from studios to family rooms and lofts.

Some of the space is still used by the Hamburg telecommunications and a touch of effective officiality lingers in the air. The atmosphere is calm, and during my visit, I only encounter two other visitors – in the laundry room one middle-aged business traveller is folding her clean shirts, and in the lobby a single man is idly checking the brochures for Hamburg’s cultural activities.

In the corridors, you can still sense the feel of a former official building.

After arriving, I am promptly shown to my double room. The view gives to the inner courtyard, which is surrounded by the building’s red brick walls. The spring sun shines bright and few birds air their important tweets.

I inspect my small kitchen for the weekend and find all equipment shiny and in order. Unlike some other apartment hotels, here, I do not find oils and spice, but I am delighted to see that I have a little Nespresso machine in my disposal. There are six different room types from single rooms and lofts to family rooms. My double room is categorised as “classic”, and its price for night starts from 125 euros.

There was an open space for a bedroom and living room area, a little kitchenette and a bathroom in my “classic” room.

The combined kitchen and living room in Apartment040.

The little kitchenette is sufficient for a small scale cooking session!

Apartment040 is very calm the whole weekend I spent there: I did not hear any noises not from outside or inside the building. So I take my time, spread my notebooks and laptop on my desk, and plunge into a relaxed work session. I sip on my little cup of Nespresso, then another one, and then decide to go explore the city around me.

As I step outside two families with little kids whizz past with their prams – after a few meters I discover that there is a small playground next door to Apartment040.

Apartment040 is located in Uhlenhorst district, which is about fifteen minutes train journey away from Hamburg’s central railway station, Hauptbahnhof. The closest metro station from Apartment040 is Mundsburg, which is located only a few minutes walk away.

As an extra tip, let me say that there is a lovely little bakery inside the old metro station. After a day’s exploration in Hamburg, it is nice to return to my home for the day, pick up a few pastries, and get cosy in the Apartment040.

Taking the metro to the city centre is quick and easy from the Apartment040. There is also coffee shops and a mall nearby.

P.S. I wish to thank Apartment040 for my stay and the tips to explore Hamburg! This hotel collaboration continues my series on “stylish stays” in Europe – alongside my exploration on historic hotels. I hope my readers enjoy a stay in Hamburg and Apartment040!

Hotel Info

Apartment040 Homepage

apartments for one person starting from 95 €

apartments for two people starting from 115 €


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