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Boutique Hotel La Paulowna, The Hague

When I arrive at the small square of Anna Paulownaplein in The Hague’s upscale district of Mesdakwartier, my heart starts to flutter of joy. And I use this familiar expression from 19th-century novels in purpose, as the area has a beautifully elegant, charmingly old-fashioned feel.

Boutique Hotel La Paulowna is located on this square, in a red brick building dating from the beginning of the 20th century. The square itself is named after Anna Pavlovna, the Grand Duchesse of Russia, who in 1816 married the Dutch crown prince William II. In 1848, when William was crowned as the king, Anna Pavlovna became the Queen consort of the Netherlands.

Boutique Hotel La Paulowna is located in an elegant former office building.

La Paulowna is recently renovated from an office building into a five room boutique hotel with a vegetarian restaurant, Hortus, downstairs. Hortus serves breakfast, lunch and dinner for both customers and walk-ins.

The rooms in La Paulowna have been named according to their colour scheme. I step into my Coral room, and like what I see. A rocking chair in one corner, decorative pillows with Scandinavian patterns, luxurious tiles in the shower room – a serenely elegant, yet homey feeling welcomes me.

Second floor Coral room in La Paulowna costs about hundred euros.

The room as an airy and light feel, and you will find anything that a traveller might need – including a rocking chair!

A detail from La Paulowna’s luxurious shower room.

As I have only just arrived at The Hague and La Paulowna, I don’t have much time to enjoy my room yet: I aim to visit a few sights before the night falls. In fact, La Paulowna is a good choice what it comes to location; nearby you will find, for example, the Peace Palace, Madurodam and the biggest art canvas in the whole of Holland, the Panorama Mesdag. In the neighbourhood, there are also several reastaurants, cafés and galleries, such as world famous Dutch photographer Max Koot’s studio.

La Paulowna’s breakfast is served downstairs, with a view to the pretty square.

Hortus is a vegetarian restaurant located on the ground floor of La Paulowna.


Next morning, I am the first to arrive for breakfast – as always! The menu is vast and varied, and I end up ordering more than I should. Soon a big bowl of yoghurt with fruits, berries and seeds is carried in front of me, and I can see that the dish’s name, power breakfast, really captures its ethos.

It is Saturday morning and soon the dining room starts to fill up with hotel customers and regulars strolling in. A young couple is reading the newspaper huddled together in a corner table, an older couple is planning their day’s tour in the city. I munch away my breakfast, and enjoy the calm feel of The Hague waking up to a weekend.

I still have one day to explore The Hague, but I am already planning ahead: when can I visit La Paulowna again – and enjoy the delicious power breakfast!

Welcome to The Hague and Boutique Hotel La Paulowna!

P.S. I wish to thank Boutique Hotel La Paulowna for the elegant stay and the impeccable hospitality! This post continues my series on “stylish stays” in Europe – alongside my exploration on historic hotels. I hope my readers enjoy a stay in The Hague and La Paulowna!

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Boutique Hotel La Paulowna

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