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Brother Hubbard, 153 Capel Street, Dublin 1

It is a truth universally acknowledged that a woman living in a strange new country must be in a want of chocolate cake.

Brother Hubbard deserves to be my first ever blog post for many reasons. First of them is the amazingly delicious coffee. And the second, the perfect brownie. And even if these two reasons alone would justify a serenade for any existent coffee shop, in the future I will give you even more reasons why every culinary traveller visiting Dublin should go to Brother Hubbard. Yet my ambitious attitude towards Crumbs of Rain requires more visits and samplings of their menu before I can review the coffee shop as a whole.

I must admit that I cannot wait for the research.

As a space Brother Hubbard is smallish, although new space just next door has been opened (surely long waited Little Brother!). Usually there is a small gathering at the entrance waiting for their take away coffee or to be seated. But don’t let the queue affect your choice, quite the opposite, if any way possible, push your way through the crowd and stand by the coffee machine to inspect the masterful Bruno the barista at work. Those few minutes you have to wait for the table will pass quickly!

When reading other blog posts about coffee shops based in Dublin, I often bumped into a name 3FE. After a short hesitation, and spasm of guilt in my heart, I did visit their homepage on one stormy evening and behold! I found the mother ship for the glorious coffee beans used in Brother Hubbard! So, after a few restless nights, I decided to visit 3FE – just to check if Brother Hubbard would have to make room for the more clinical-sounding 3FE as the sweatheart of Sateenmuru’s coffee addiction.

I won’t tell more about my visit to 3FE now, that’s for another time, for another post. But the small cup of coffee from the mother ship did not make me to tear up the serenades for Brother Hubbard’s coffee and chocolate cake. So here you go, an ode to the coffee and brownie in Brother Hubbard. Thank you! Shall our relationship be long and tasty!



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