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Beans&More, Asemakatu 11, Jyväskylä

Jyväskylä is a charming University town in Central Finland. In the city centre, you’ll find shops, restaurants and lakeside views as well as a few art galleries, second-hand bookshops and craft shops. One of the latest additions to Jyväskylä’s food scene is the 100% plant based coffee shop Beans&More: a fresh breath of European style and modern coffee shop, only a few steps away from the city’s main shopping boulevard.

The interior is simple yet appealingly homey. The window seats offer a perfect spot to practice some discreet people spotting while the rest of the seating areas provide private little nooks to enjoy your book or a chat with a friend while enjoying a cup of coffee. Owned by two young entrepreneurs, the atmosphere in Beans&More is easygoing yet knowledgeable; if you ask, you’ll get an answer – also in English if needed! I tend to go back there especially for the smoothies, but I always end up ordering some little snacks as well. Next time, I might go for the vegan burger…

Reasons to go:

  1. The café and shop look and feel like it, and their food tastes like it: fresh.
  2. A new, much welcomed, addition to Central Finnish coffee and lunch culture, Beans&More offers modern city dwellers good quality coffee, smoothies, an array of sweets from small nibbles to big pieces of cakes and pies, and various types of lunch to eat in or take away.
  3. It.Is.Vegan.
  4. On a more personal note, I have to add, that Beans&More’s vegan, or more precisely plant based, food and drinks are so delicious that my sidekick, originally from meat-loving Brazil, has found his new favourite café in Central Finland. So thank you Beans & More, you make our struggle to vegan way of life much easier!

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Photo: Beans&More


Photo: Beans&More


Photo: Beans&More


Photo: Beans&More



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