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Hotel Tip: Reine Rorbuer, Lofoten Islands

In collaboration with Reine Rorbuer

I have had two travel dreams for a long time. First was to see the Lofoten Islands in Norway, and the second to spend a night in one of those cute fishing huts while in Lofotens. Now, both dreams have come true, and all I can do is to dream of my quick return!

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Villa Provence, Aarhus

The train journey from Hamburg to Aarhus, in Denmark, is long. The scenery does not change much and neither does the weather: when I arrive, it is still raining. This is why instead of walking, I am happy to hop on a taxi, and whizz myself to Villa Provence.

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Germany, Travels

Apartment040, Hamburg

My most loyal readers have by now observed my interest in historic hotels and buildings. This is why, a few weeks ago in Hamburg, I was particularly delighted to receive an invitation to spend a night in a former telecommunication office.

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Germany, Travels

Palais Esplanade, Hamburg

When I think of Germany, I think of Bach’s piano music, the sorrowful books of Goethe, and the epochs of Mann. When I think of a traveller’s Germany, I do not think of the Untergrundbahns, nor the divided Berlin or the destructions of the WWII: I think of the long journeys through country meadows, wandering salesmen with their neat suitcases, the medieval villages stopped in time.

This is why I was particularly charmed when I stepped into my suite in Palais Esplanade, where a charmingly old-fashioned atmosphere greets us modern travellers.

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