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Finnish holiday, preparations, part II

It was fantastic to be shortlisted in the ‘newcomer’ category at the blog awards. As a freelancer, it is difficult to get to know new people as you don’t have the daily work force around you. I started blogging because after moving to Dublin I didn’t have the coffee and chat company surrounding me that I have grown accustomed to in Finland – and mind you, some letters seemed to get lost in the mailman’s pockets suspiciously often.

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Finnish Holiday, preparations, part I

About a month ago I booked flights to Finland, and I started to look forward to my hometown’s forresty scenery and tranquil atmosphere. The grumpy looking grandmas at the market square and the daily walks along lake Pieksänjärvi with my dog Ernesti. Rowing the boat at the summer cottage, coffee shops selling massive cinnamon buns and milk packed in carton instead of plastic! Conveniently the woollen sock season would have kicked in already, so I would have a good reason to enjoy cosy evenings in front of the fireplace. Yeah, and the houses would be effectively insulated, the trash recycled and empty bottles returned to shops. Little crumbs of joy in my life otherwise aiming to grandioseness!
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