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Finnish Holiday, preparations, part I

About a month ago I booked flights to Finland, and I started to look forward to my hometown’s forresty scenery and tranquil atmosphere. The grumpy looking grandmas at the market square and the daily walks along lake Pieksänjärvi with my dog Ernesti. Rowing the boat at the summer cottage, coffee shops selling massive cinnamon buns and milk packed in carton instead of plastic! Conveniently the woollen sock season would have kicked in already, so I would have a good reason to enjoy cosy evenings in front of the fireplace. Yeah, and the houses would be effectively insulated, the trash recycled and empty bottles returned to shops. Little crumbs of joy in my life otherwise aiming to grandioseness!

Nevertheless, time is limited.

10 days in total, during which the following should take place:

Phase One

Finnish Holiday, days 1 to 5

Title: The Wedding (my own) and how to organise it in five days

Day 1: estimating the situation and analysing the needed organisation.

Day 2 and 3: Deep breaths and stressing out. Minor nervous breakdown.

Day 4: The last possible day to have any effect on the outcome of the wedding so the pressure is on for real, and the organising must be successfully completed.

Day 5: The Wedding. Enjoying the wedding. Cava and muffins will help. Will introduce my Carioca of a husband to my close family and friends. Title Similarities between a Carioca and Savonia born people, are there any?

Phase Two

Title: To Lapland and back

Optional title: Is this what people call a holiday?

After-wedding Finnish holiday takes us to Northern Lapland, to a glass igloo near Ivalo from where the journey continues to a very, very flat area of coastal Finland known as the Ostrobothnia. Thence we proceed back to my hometown Pieksämäki and then a few-day city break in Helsinki. Road trips are my personal speciality, and my top performance so far has been driving – with one little “helper” snoozing next to me and with 2 doggies at the back of the car – from Ireland to Finland via Wales, England, France, Denmark, Sweden, Swedish Lapland (there was no time to wait for the ferry), Finnish Lapland to Savonia in Finland. Title: Red Bull gives you wings

After the Finnish road trip extravaganza we have a few days in Helsinki, and nothing cannot be done anymore: the wedding has been celebrated, the guests have been fed, Finland has been toured and I have lived as a serene married lady for a week already so I can just chill out and concentrate on, well, relaxing.

For two days.


Pieksämäki, Finland.

P.S. I have noticed how many travel bloggers post their lists on “what to pack” with photos to prove the occasion. I will do the same! Yes, I will. All I need to do is to find a dress. My wedding dress.

Welcome to follow the Crumbs’ first blogging-era trip abroad, to my home country Suomi-Finland!

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