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Hotel V Fizeaustraat, Amsterdam

During my recent visit to Amsterdam, I was glad to discover another, urban side of the city. With a 1970s stylish retro design, loads of green plants, dim lights and wooden furniture, Hotel V Fizeaustraat is a little oasis in an urban jungle.

Hotel V Fizeaustraat is the latest addition to the two other Hotel Vs already existing in Amsterdam. Although Fizeaustraat is located way off the beaten track, the transportation is good: Amsterdam’s second main train station, Amstel, is located less than ten minutes walk away, and a tram takes you to the city centre’s main attractions in fifteen minutes.

The welcome in Hotel V Fizeaustraat is warm and friendly – mind you, this is how I experienced all amsterdammers to be. I am informed that the restaurant, Lobby, is regularly quite busy for the night so a reservation is recommended. As an early flight next morning prevents me from having breakfast here, I instantly book a table not to miss out on anything – I’ve heard rumours that the food in the Lobby is superb. And, well, I confess: I also sneaked into Hotel V’s other location in the city centre earlier the day, and had the famous flammkuchen, which left me craving for more.

A more than delicious flammkuchen of pumpkin, feta and pine nuts at Hotel V Nesplein.

So table booking in order, I am ready to spend my last night in Amsterdam in Hotel V Fizeaustraat!

The hotel has 91 rooms of 4,5 stars, and the building itself is a former office building design by Piet Zenstra, who influenced greatly to Holland’s architecture after the II World War.

I step into my room, and am flabbergasted (yes, I’ve wanted to use that word for a long time now!). The room is spacious with astonishingly stylish 70s retro vibe and cool little details. The view gives to a few lonely skyscrapers glittering against the darkening sky. I sit down on a sofa and make myself a little cup of coffee: this is a hotel where you can chill out in style, enjoy hotel life in its fullest.

Wicker chairs lighten the impact of straight lines in Hotel V Fizeustraat’s 1970’s retro rooms.

Bed, pillows and the linen provided this weary traveller a sweet last night in Amsterdam.

Interesting detail in the room.

This is a bathroom I’d like to have in my own home, too!

But I am soon to realise that the best is yet to come. Come eight o’clock, and I am ready for my dinner. Not checking the menu online beforehand, I will find out that the immemorable flammkuchen is served only for lunch: now I have an option of a set menu of 3 to 5 courses. As my stomach was only ready for a flammkuchen kind of a meal, I settle to 3 courses – and two glasses of Cabernet Sauvignon.

I was surprised to descend from my quiet and comfy room into the buzzing Lobby downstairs.

Perfect end to my visit in Amsterdam!

I don’t normally do food photography, but this plate was just screaming to be photographed.

Hotel V Fizeaustraat waking up to a new day – I got a quiet glimpse of it while waiting for the taxi to the airport.

But when the first course is carried in front of me, I am happy to have skipped the flammkuchen. The dinner is a spectacular one, and the buzz in the restaurant amazes me – especially as I know we are not in the city centre, but somewhere in the suburban Amsterdam, where concrete instead of canals dominate. Hotel V Fizeaustraat really is an oasis, luring people to step in and gather around dinner tables to enjoy life in flourishing surroundings. Families with birthday celebrations, couples and business people: all breeds are found in an equal enjoyment.

After the dinner, I climb (with the help of a smooth elevator) upstairs to my room, have a hot shower and wrap myself into a soft bathrobe adorned with Hotel V logo.

It is time to say good night to Amsterdam, good night Hotel V Fizeaustraat: it is time for new adventures, and you have made me ready!

A different type of Amsterdam skyline: thank you Hotel V Fizeaustraat!

P.S. I wish to thank Boutique Hotel V Fizeuastraat for the elegant stay and the impeccable hospitality! This post continues my series on “stylish stays” in Europe – alongside my exploration on historic hotels. I hope my readers enjoy a stay in urban Amsterdam and Hotel V Fizeaustraat!

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Hotel V Fizeaustraat

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