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Kith & Kin Boutique Apartments, Amsterdam

After a long and sunny summer in Brazil, it was amazing to return to my new city of dreams, Amsterdam. This time around, I wanted to experience what it would be like to live in this historic city: eat at my own kitchen table, walk out to the streets without greeting the hotel staff and buy my morning breads from a bakery around the corner.

Last year, when I planned my first trip to Amsterdam, I had already noticed Kith & Kin’s boutique apartments, but at that time, all their four flats were already occupied. So on the second trip to the city of my dreams, I made sure I contacted them well in advance, and Kith & Kin was happy to welcome Crumbs of Rain for a collaboration! After arriving at the Amsterdam Central Station I hopped in a taxi and in about ten minutes and ten euros later, I was behind my flat-for-a-day’s door.

Kith & Kin is located in Western Amsterdam, near the picturesque Jordaan area with its historic canals.

Kith & Kin is a two women’s seven-month-old operation – although, years of preparation preceded getting everything ready for the boutique apartments. Both owners, Cathelijne and Jelleke, were passionate about finding intriguing accommodations on their travels and this shows both in the general atmosphere and in the smallest details in Kith & Kin’s ethos. Cathelijne is also an interior designer, which must have helped creating the easygoing elegance which prevails at Kith & Kin. Jelleke’s background is in marketing, so no wonder this power team has pushed through to the forefront of Amsterdam’s accommodation industry.

Kith & Kin – which translates into ‘friends and family’ – offers exactly what the name promises: easygoing hominess. Or what do you think?

The Hungarian illustrator Anna Kovecses is responsible for Kith & Kin’s colour palette and the boutique apartment’s icon. Kovecses has, for example, illustrated for the New York Times Magazine and Monocle.

The space in my Grand Fagel apartment is long and narrow: the curving corridor begins from the kitchen and ends to the second bedroom.

Greenery and bamboo wall panelling bring homey feeling to Kith & Kin’s Grand Fagel apartment.

Kith & Kin has their own Prosecco! Its elegant freshness matches the style of the boutique apartments. The kitchen’s tropical wallpaper comes from Pablo Piatti.

The front of Grant Fagel opens to the famous Amsterdam canals. The apartment is long and somewhat narrow, but without being crammed. When you open the front door, you step into the kitchen area: you’ll find it well equipped with Nespresso and washing machines, coffees and teas. In the fridge, you’ll also find a welcoming prosecco, which is labelled with Kith & Kin’s own icon. It is well justified to say, that Kith & Kin offers a visitor stylish quality till the last drop!

After the kitchen area, there is a cosy turquoise sofa, opposite to a quite big flat screen TV – no cable, but Netflix does the trick! (a tip: if you fancy a cosy night in, pop into the La Perla pizzeria a few minutes stroll away in Jordaan area: La Perla’s stone oven pizzas are one of the best in Amsterdam, and ready in a jiffy!) After the turquoise “TV corner”, there is a smaller pastel shaded corner for some quality time with your book.

And then to the bedrooms! First of all, in Grand Fagel, you’ll have two of them – so remember Kith & Kin when travelling with friends or family.

The bathroom floor is Kith & Kin’s pride: a handmade mass by the two owners can be seen on the counter top, too.

The bed which gave me the best night’s sleep ever!

Both bedrooms have a double bed and a skylight window.

Kith & Kin icon adorns the bedlinen.

You might get some nifty ideas for home decoration from Kith & Kin!

The colour palette in the bedrooms is subdued. The evening rain rattles quietly against the skylight window and swoozes me into sleep before I even realise. The sleep, in fact, was so deep that I had to mention it to Cathelijne the next day; only to find out that hunting for the right beds for Kith & Kin was a matter of pride. Cathelijne tells that the beds come from Loof, a traditional local bed maker. Ward, Loof’s owner in third generation, has gone through a lot of trouble to perfect the mattresses quality, and after a long search, found what he needed from Belgium: mattress made of 100% ecological components and which guarantees you a sleep to remember!

In the morning, I felt like Sleeping Beauty. I woke up before the alarm, and without waking up my sidekick, I tip-toed to the kitchen. I made myself a little espresso and sat down on the sofa to wait for the day to begin.

This is what it must feel to live in Amsterdam: alert and serene, even in the early hours of the day. Ready for a new day, mind full of new inspiration.

So thank you, Kith & Kin, for such a stylish welcome to Amsterdam!

A night in Kith & Kin boutique apartments was as amazingly Amsterdammish as I had hoped for.

P.S. I wish to thank Kith & Kin for the elegant stay and warm welcome to Amsterdam! This post continues my series on “stylish stays” in Europe – alongside my exploration on historic hotels. I hope my readers enjoy a stay in Amsterdam and Kith & Kin Boutique Apartments!

Hotel Info

Kith & Kin Homepage

2-4 person Grand Fagel starting from 250 per night

2 person Amalia Suite starting from 120 € per night

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