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Mango Salad, Brazil

Recently I have been into simple flavours in cooking, trying to source the freshest and most flavoursome ingredients in Dublin. How I see cooking, especially during the hot summer months, is that the simpler you keep it, for both flavour and nutrition, the better.

M. tells me that this kind of mango salad is typical in Brazil, but where I come from – which is Finland – it might be as hard to find nice, ripe mangoes as it is over here in Dublin. The mango should be soft to touch, like a peach, and you should be able to smell its fresh and sunny scent even with its skin on.

After successful Saturday shopping in Fallon & Byrne, I decided to give this mango salad of just five ingredients a go. The trick when using only a few components is to choose them right. And when you have the best salad leaves, and use the correct oils, you cannot go wrong making a simple and refreshing salad.



salad leaves (Cos, sweet Frisée or similar mild salad)

olive oil


black pepper

Don’t chop the salad leaves. Sometimes, when using for example cos lettuce, the leaves are alright to use as they are: shapely and crunchy and they give an appealing look to your salad. But if you insist on making the leaves smaller, just tear them up with your fingers. Place the salad leaves in a bowl and drizzle a little bit of olive oil on top. Add salt and pepper. Mix the leaves carefully so that each gets seasoning from the oil, salt and pepper. Place the salad bowl in the fridge while you peel and chop the mango. Add the mango to the salad and enjoy. You can also serve this salad, for example, with fish or barbecue.

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