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Mr Jordaan Hotel, Amsterdam

As I approach Mr. Jordaan – walking past beautiful canals, cafés, art galleries and restaurants – a photo madness strikes me before I have even checked in for my first night in Amsterdam.

Mr. Jordaan is a historic – I’ll come back to this later – hotel in a vibrant and cosy district of Jordaan, in western Amsterdam. The area dates from the beginning of the 17th century, and, for example, Rembrandt lived here his final years. Anne Frank’s former hiding place, now a museum, is also located just around the corner. Today, the upscale area of Jordaan has a calm and cosy, yet lively feeling.

My home street for a day! Around Mr. Jordaan, you’ll find beautiful houses, canals, cafés, restaurants and sights. Among other things!

And what it comes to the history of the hotel itself, it is a curious one. Mr. Jordaan  begun as a spot for “couch surfing” – in the olden times, when couch surfing wasn’t “done” yet. Let alone online marketing: Mr. Jordaan simply advertised his couch in a local tourist agency, and it became a hit. And ever since, Mr. Jordaan has been a curious traveller’s choice, first expanding from a couch into a room, then into some more rooms, more floors and then taking over the whole house next door.

Photo Creadit: Mr Jordaan

Don’t let the term couch surfing mislead your: Mr. Jordaan is homey yet stylish, high standard hotel, with a lot of personal care and love put into it. Photo Credit: Mr. Jordaan

Delightful Argan soaps.

Delightful Argan soaps.

A little ecological touch!

A little ecological touch!


You can fill up your water bottles with fresh canal water. Photo credit: Mr. Jordaan

I loved these Mr Jordaan coffee cups!

I loved these Mr. Jordaan coffee cups!

Now, Mr. Jordan has rooms in five storeys for single travellers, couples, families and groups of friends alike. My room, number 71, is situated on the top floor: five storeys of steep wooden stairs (or elevator) lead to an attic room with a stunning view over the rooftops. The bed is comfortable and the room is airy: everywhere you find little personal touches which give the guest a welcoming feel. I am impressed by the water bottles which you can fill from the tap – a little bit of ecological thoughtfulness goes a long way.


The hotel is decorated with warm colours and cute details.


You can go as healthy or unhealthy with Mr. Jordaan breakfast as you wish – options vary from yoghurt and super foods to pastries and cheeses. Photo credit: Mr. Jordaan



There is a homey feel in the hotel.


Some stylish Copperhead Gin bottles in the dining room.

The breakfast is served in the lounge downstairs. As always, I arrive first: there are four different juices to choose from, fish, cheese and meat selection spread on cold plates. Healthy toppings for creamy natural yoghurt are screaming my name, and I try (unsuccessfully) to leave the croissants alone. The guests can make their own coffee with a coffee machine, and even walk out with takeaway cups in their hand. Perfect little extra for a city dweller like me!

Mr. Jordaan is a choice for anyone wishing stylish personality from a night in a hotel. Outside, famous Amsterdam houses line the historic canals. On the bridges, bicycles lean on the railings. Inside, there is an easygoing atmosphere: people getting ready for their days, others having meetings over their laptops in the lounge. And this brings me to the only problem I had with Mr Jordaan

And this brings me to the only problem I had with Mr. Jordaan: it is a tough choice between staying in my cosy attic room, relax and enjoy, and going out to explore the amazing Amsterdam neighbourhood which surrounds you.


Mr. Jordaan is located in Bloemgracht, in beautiful Jordaan area.

P.S. I wish to thank Mr. Jordaan for the stay! This post continues my series on “stylish stays” in Europe – alongside my exploration on historic hotels. Enjoy your day in Amsterdam and Mr. Jordaan!


Hotel Info

Mr Jordaan

Bloemgraht 102

+31 20 6265801

Rooms starting from c. 100 €

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