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Omena Hotel, Yrjönkatu 30, Helsinki

In collaboration with Omena Hotel

For my quick visit in Helsinki, I found a perfect pitstop at Omena Hotel.

Omena Hotels are a budget travellers’ choice. There is no staff on the premises, so reservations are done online and you’ll get in by using a door code. My friends had stayed in Omena Hotels before and admired the easy-going concept so when I had the invitation to stay a night in an Omena Hotel, I gladly accepted!


I spent a night in Omena Hotel at Yrjönkatu. This is one of my favourite districts in Helsinki, and I seem to be one of the rare Finns who happens to like these 1970s office blocks which now functions as Omena Hotel in this address. Nearby, you’ll find a stylish shopping centre, Kamppi, and also the Central Railway station. The district is abundant with restaurants and bars, and in ten minutes, you can walk both to the modern art museum of Kiasma and Katajanokka’s quaint harbour area.


Omena Hotels are essentially easy hotels, especially for busy travellers. I made my reservation in few minutes online. One night cost 129€ few nights before the visit, but you can get a room even half-price. You can purchase a breakfast voucher for 5,60 euros and have your breakfast in a nearby café Picnic.

A day before our visit, both me and my travelling companion got our door access codes and room number on our phones. You can check-in after 16.00. This means, that you can dial the door code on the front door and step inside. Then, you’ll step into an elevator, and dial the same code again. This code you will repeat the third time to enter your room. There was absolutely no staff to be seen but the phone service for any questions or problems is available 24/7.


My room was compact and clean, although there was some wear and tear just next to the front door. All the basic equipment, such as coffee facilities and hairdryer, were in the room, as well as a microwave. For my younger self, Omena Hotel would have been a perfect choice, but the older me suffers a little bit of neck problems, so I found the pillow a bit too hard. Despite this, I got a good night’s sleep, as the hotel was quiet.

For my visit in Helsinki, Omena Hotel was a perfect choice, as I could work in peace by a table and my sidekick could watch TV on the other end of the room. In the morning, I woke up to finish my work, and my sidekick finished off his good night’s sleep.

Reasons to visit:

  1. Perfect location in city centre Helsinki.
  2. Good choice for a busy traveller.
  3. Easy and quick to book and check-in.

Hotel Info

Omena Hotels homepage

Rooms between 65 – 129 €

Edit: Omena Hotels are in the process of changing their pillows and duvés, so next time, my older self can enjoy the visit too!

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