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3 x Chocolate Shops in Porvoo

My first visit to Porvoo, a historic city some 40 minutes drive from Helsinki, proved to be a very successful trip: red wooden houses aligning a slowly gliding river, cafés and restaurants full of cheery looking customers, tourists groups posing and pointing with their cameras, pretty cobblestoned old town with a cosy feel. What else could a traveller ask for from a coastal Finnish city? Well, in the case of Porvoo, there were also amazing chocolate shops as a bonus.

Which was very convenient as a friend of mine, who likes chocolate and Porvoo, had a birthday coming up. For once, I was going to do well with my gift idea!

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Fumbally Café, Fumbally Lane, Dublin 8

Normally the weakest link in my chain of events when travelling turns out to be the nutrition. If you happen to spot me on my travels, you might see me tramping the city streets right to the point when walking isn’t walking anymore, but some kind of half-conscious crawl from one street corner to another. And when the hunger has hit me, there’s only 2 options left:

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