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A Dozen Things to Do in Toulouse – part I

Toulouse, La Ville Rose, with its softly glowing pinkish architecture, hipster-filled Universities and ancient monasteries may lose to its northern competitor Paris, or, to its southern opponent Riviera, in tourist popularity – but maybe this is for the best, as when you do visit Toulouse, you get the feeling that you are being let in on a secret.

Here are a dozen things why you should visit Toulouse!

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3 x Chocolate Shops in Porvoo

My first visit to Porvoo, a historic city some 40 minutes drive from Helsinki, proved to be a very successful trip: red wooden houses aligning a slowly gliding river, cafés and restaurants full of cheery looking customers, tourists groups posing and pointing with their cameras, pretty cobblestoned old town with a cosy feel. What else could a traveller ask for from a coastal Finnish city? Well, in the case of Porvoo, there were also amazing chocolate shops as a bonus.

Which was very convenient as a friend of mine, who likes chocolate and Porvoo, had a birthday coming up. For once, I was going to do well with my gift idea!

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10 Cups of Coffee in London

As we all know, London is a huge, huge city, with a lot of different and unique areas. So how to choose the 10 best cups of coffee I had the pleasure and joy to sip while in London? Why even to try and do it? Surely there would be better things to do on a Thursday evening you might wonder. Yes, surely there is – but I don’t know what.

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Things to Do in Finland #2: Kauppahalli (Market Hall)

In market halls, the sense of place is intensified: vegetables, bread, coffee beans, cakes and delicacies, smiles, stares, smell of spice, people strolling around, people separated by counters of fruits; buyers and sellers and loiterers all in one moment of time and space, all in the Market Hall. The time has stopped, this is how the country really is: all that has been built is built on this.

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