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3 Cups of Coffee in Europe – that is, Europe’s best cafés

Often, in the world of blogs, we tend to hype over all the amazing finds we have made during our extra spectacular travels. So, on the contrary to the typical, today I am going to be a strictly objective blogger, and write about the candidates for Best Independent Coffee Shop in Europe 2016, according to the European Coffee Symposium. The candidates were Dublin’s 3fe, Amsterdam’s Bocca Coffee Roasters and Bath’s Colonna & Small’s, which won the competition.

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3 Bookshops in Dublin

Dublin, for many, is about books, pubs and pints. It is a city where (mostly) men have gathered for centuries into the pubs to grumble about life, women and literature. It is a city of which one famous writer (yes, James Joyce) said that it is impossible to walk across the city without passing a pub on every street (actually, it is possible, but will take some effort). For me, Dublin was always about books (mostly). But strangely enough, for a city of its size and with all its literary connections, Dublin did not have an abundance of awe-inspiring bookshops. Nevertheless, there were few of those cosy little nooks that invite you to step in every time you happen to pass by.

So, dear reader, step in, and visit a few!
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3 Library Visits in Ireland

Ireland is often described as an island of storytellers; its boggy marshlands, steep sea cliffs, vibrant villages and hours passing by holding a pint offer and endless source for anyone for a lookout for a story. Apart from the inspiring landscape, Dublin is named as a City of Literature by UNESCO and, quite fittingly, one of Dublin’s most visited tourist attractions is a library and an ancient book – that is, The Long Room and The Book of Kells.

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Dublin Sateenmurun silmin///Dublin the Way I Saw It

Valokuvaprojektini Dublin365 lähestyy loppuaan: 75 valokuvaa ja 23 päivää jäljellä. Ohessa väliaikaraportinomaisesti Dublinia Sateenmurun silmin, valokuva-albumi löytyy kokonaisuudessaan Facebook-sivuiltani eli täältä.

My precious little Photo Project is approaching its end: 75 photos to publish, 23 days left. This is Dublin the way I saw it. You can also check out the entire album on my Facebook page here.
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Goodbye Dublin – once again

As my readers know, I am moving to my new home, London, today.

How did this happen?

I do not know, for three weeks ago I didn’t have a clue of this turn of events.

Now a few boxes full of books and clothes are on their way to London, and I am following by the ferry.

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