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von Deska Townhouses, Hamburg

Recently, on my travels and talking with hotel and B&B owners around the world, I have come into the conclusion that the best accommodations are provided by people who travel a lot themselves. This is also the case with von Deska Townhouses.

von Deska Townhouses are a German business woman’s, Karin Siegle-Kvarnström’s brainchild. As a business traveller, Karin noticed that often, after days and weeks on different locations and different hotel rooms, she would wake up not knowing in which city she was in! The idea for the von Deska Townhouses was born: Karin wanted to create apartments that would give the visitors the feeling of coming home after a long day at work. Now, von Deska offers personalised apartments, a home away from home in Hamburg’s prestigious Eppendorf district.

The area around von Deska Townhouses is calm and beautiful. Dogs are also welcome in von Deska’s apartments, and these streets provide a nice morning stroll for your furry friends! 

von Deska’s White House. All the tall windows on the middle floor belong to apartment number 3, where I stayed in.

The view from my balcony!

I stayed in the White House, in a neighbourhood of typical Hanseatic houses on Rothenbaumchaussee. The house, as the name states, is a three storey white house, with a tall black door as an entrance. But after the sturdy door, a light and welcoming feeling greets me with as the over hundred-year-old wooden floors slightly squeak under my steps. 

My apartment is located on the second floor, and includes a big balcony, which gives to the White Houses’s small courtyard. The bedroom is separated from the living room with a big wooden bookshelf. The flooring is light coloured wood, and the colour palette in general leaning to natural shades of white and beige. I lay down my bags, fling myself on the soft sofa and take in the relaxing calmness of my flat for a day in Hamburg.

Room number three is situated on the second floor, just next to an honesty bar, where you can find little snacks, juices, Nespresso coffee pods and drinks.

There is a prestigious but homey atmosphere in von Deska Townhouses. Ceilings are high and the floors wooden.

Everything is of high quality and the towels have the logos of von Deska Townhouses.

The atmosphere in the bedroom was very calm and relaxing. I loved the little nook for the bed! The door between apartments 3 and 4 can be opened to make this a convenient family room, too.

The wooden floors give a nice feel to the old house.

von Deska is a perfect pit stop for either business or leisure travellers. For holiday makers, the area is beautiful, there are plenty of restaurants around and it is an easy access to the city centre. For busy workers such I am,  the big kitchen table offers nice work space in the evening of my arrival – and there is also a plate of freshly baked cakes on offer! Nespresso coffee finalises the perfection, and I am happy to plunge back into my writing after settling in.

I was greeted with freshly baked cakes: keep in mind that von Deska’s staff bakes fresh cakes every week to give to their guests!

Next morning, I wake up in a beautiful, almost white sunlight. Mind you, this is my first week in Europe after winter months in Brazil, and it is the first time I’ve seen the sun since leaving Sao Paulo. The morning light makes great justice to my Hamburg apartment, and I snap some photos before heading out to find breakfast.

After breakfast, I meet Iris, who kindly shows me around von Deska’s both townhouses. We stroll about five minutes to von Deska’s other building just around the corner. Here, in the Ivy House, von Deska has nineteen different sized apartments, a gym, cosy lounge with a fireplace, laundry facilities and even a Finnish sauna!

I am happy to have been able to recharge my batteries – and to do my laundry! – at von Deska  Townhouses before my travels continue.

Ivy House has 19 apartments for singles and couples. The backyard is especially lovely.

von Deska Townhouses are decorated with classic style, including for example Ralph Lauren wallpapers.

The Ivy House’s gym is located in a little garden house: it is the loveliest gym I have ever seen!

Amazingness is to wrap into a soft bathrobe after a shower, have a cup of tea, and wait for the sleepiness to arrive. Thank you von Deska Townhouses for such a cosy stay in Hamburg!

P.S. I wish to thank von Deska Townhouses for the elegant stay and warm welcome to Hamburg! This post continues my series on “stylish stays” in Europe – alongside my exploration on historic hotels. I hope my readers enjoy a stay in Hamburg and von Deska Townhouses!

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apartments for one person starting from 1oo €

apartments for two people starting from 135 €

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